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Who Be Me? What Be This?

me be meI've been online since 1986, when I started working on a BBS system. Now for those who aren't clear- that's a shortened term for Bulletin Board Service, and that was all we had for an internet in the stone age.  Before that, I was in the NAVY! (Seriously, I was.) And, before that, I was a typical artsy bohemian songwriter/student in Boston, where my parents met and decided to have me.

The comic I write- RatmanDo- the RATGIRL!  is inspired by the fans who ask for their "if  only I could..." and I make it so. I studied at Massachusetts College of Art, where I was able to take a simple Apple 2GS and turn it into an Art and Video machine. Back then- when paper stopped being hip, and we started using Amiga 500's- I was a curator for one of the first computer arts shows in the country, Bits and Bytes.

In my 3rd year, noted artist Ed Emshwiller came to visit my mentor, Hu Hohn, (Yes I programmed- yes in C). He saw some of the work I had done on the computer arts things, and said, "You should come to Calarts, we can get you in." In that summer I had finished my 4th and final year of undergrad school- and went on to finish my MFA at California Institute of the Arts. Sadly, during my second year, Ed had died in the parking lot of a hospital after a check up. But, my mentor there was Jules Engel- and he taught me, Steve Hillenburg, Pete Docter and a bunch of other art geeks how to animate. I was hooked.

After that, I did the "What can I do now?" thing- taught college, blew things up for a film company, did some animation, but all during this time- I was working in Stand-Up Comedy. Most people know me for this, and my radio work. It's weird when people don't know about the writing and art because I was creating little comics since I was in kindergarten with my BFF's Christine Elise McCarthy and Samantha Nadine. When I wasn't being an arts-hole, or a Mass-hole, you probably could have found me in the area of the White Mountains in New Hampshah... hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, and being a camp counselor for the Brunelle Family at Camp Quinebarge. In fact, I STILL spend most of my free time on the water- either bodyboarding, or kayaking near Half Moon Bay, California.

(A lot of people remember me from being married to the jazz guru, Mike Jones. Although we remain friends, his work schedule and other issues made it hard for us to stay married, so we amicably split after 12 years together. For the record, YES you can see him LIVE as the music director for Penn & Teller, every night they perform in Las Vegas!)

 Meekers' Manners is more of a novel, turned graphic novel, turned RPG,(alternative, Role Playing Game, at that), turned what it could possibly be next. That's what started me down this path, and I will venture a guess that this is going to be one yellow pissed road. Because of Meeker's, the site is primarily PG, and I would expect parents should allow children to read this story at their own discretion. The art gets a bit gory, but no more than a local newscast. And, keep in mind, they're cartoons, not REAL people. Blood by crayons, not by violence.

Who is Cathe B. the comedian??

In 1979, Cathe got an internship in the Charles Playhouse in Boston, while still in high school. Her job was EMAIL- in other words- the mailings and errands that had to go out were hand delivered to people and post offices. The theater was home to The Comedy Connection, where her heroes, like Tony V, Steve Sweeney, Paula Poundstone, Lizz Winstead and Denis Leary all made the stage happen for the Boston comedy scene. On a bet, between Denis and Tony, (who was delivering balloons at the time), Cathe took the stage during an open mic- and for every minute she made people laugh, Denis would give her a dollar. She lasted ten minutes, and Denis stopped her, citing, "I need my cash, get off." By then, the comedy bug hit, and she was hooked. From 1981, she has graced the stages- not always making people laugh, but always having a blast trying- in colleges, US, Canada, and anywhere invited. Her theater and comedy background made her a natural for membership in Second City, where she worked in Santa Monica, California. Years later, she tried the family friendly, ComedySportz, as a member of the Detroit team. In 2017, Cathe started writing a one comic show called "Dog Tags and Prozac", a comedy about Military Sexual Trauma and her Navy years.

She left the stage?

Because of her comedy, she was a fan favorite on college and small club tours. She managed to work a full time job as a radio celebrity, an art director for a dot-com, and a stand-up performer for many years before she finally had to take a break, mostly due to a physical genetic condition, Ehlers-Danlos, partnered with migraines, and Hashimoto's Thyroidosis. People stopped recognizing her as the small blonde woman who made them laugh, and she got enough of her condition under control to recreate her self as a ballsy, baudy red-head. Cathe's comedy career picked back up, and now she's working on some animation and video voice acting, as well as more writing, comics, art. She is available for voice projects, and has even done some theater again, in Brenda Perryman's Grey Matter- a HIT in Detroit, where she lived for a couple of years following her divorce. NOW you can find her, her doggy, and likely her friendly cat, in and around her hometown-by-choice, Moss Beach, California. (Autograph requests allowed, if you send your own photo, via SASE. If you'd like one of her headshots, please contact us for Paypal info, as it will be $5.)

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We're updating the site!!
It's coming in NOVEMBER 2017! 

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